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For America's birthday

carole lombard 011542 indiana flag raising larger

It's July 4, celebrating the birth of the country Carole Lombard truly loved. While she never got around to celebrating it through making studio publicity pictures, other Hollywood actresses did, in ways ranging from cheesy to charming. So to honor the holiday, let's run a few, beginning with Colleen Moore as Uncle Sam:

july 4 colleen moore

The young Joan Crawford shows she's a real firecracker:

july 4 joan crawford

Mae West goes patriotic (either that or she's auditioning to become the new Columbia Pictures logo):

july 4 mae west

How about some Independence Day "oomph," courtesy of Ann Sheridan?

july 4 ann sheridan

Cyd Charisse from the '40s, when she was still a dancing starlet and not yet a sensual star:

july 4 cyd charisse

You wouldn't think these two distinguished actresses-to-be would pose for July 4 publicity, but you would be wrong. First, Elizabeth Taylor...

july 4 elizabeth taylor

...then, Susan Hayward:

july 4 susan hayward

Ann Rutherford reminds us about the holiday:

july 4 ann rutherford

In her patriotic way, so does Ann Miller:

july 4 ann miller

Fellow dancer Vera-Ellen also shows off her leggy sex appeal:

july 4 vera-ellen

Now to color with Marilyn Monroe...

july 4 marilyn monroe

...and Barbara Eden, who early in her career starred in a syndicated TV adaptation of Monroe's "How To Marry A Millionaire":

july 4 barbara eden

Finally, my favorite July 4 movie-related pic, because it's simply so unusual -- Thelma Todd, who must have been filming on location, celebrates the holiday in the snow (and she's ready for any potential snowball fight):

thelma todd july 4 snow front larger

A happy holiday to everyone. Please celebrate safely.

And don't forget that all day today, WKCR-FM in New York is honoring the birthday of Louis Armstrong (or at least the one he thought he had; baptismal records found long after his death showed he was born on Aug. 4, 1901, not July 4, 1900). No matter -- Armstrong is one of the titans of American music, and WKCR is playing his music through midnight (Eastern). Listen at http://www.studentaffairs.columbia.edu/wkcr/ or tune in at 89.9 FM in the metropolitan New York area.

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