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Lots, and lots, of funny ladies

carole lombard true confession 18a

That's Carole Lombard and Una Merkel in a jailhouse scene from "True Confession." This weekend, both of them -- as well as several dozen of their fabulously funny female colleagues -- were feted by the blogosphere in something appropriately named the "Funny Lady Blogathon," sponsored by the site Movies Silently.

carole lombard 2013 funny lady blogathon large

For some reason, I declined to participate...but as my way of compensating, I thought I'd let people know about it, so they can read many of the fine entries. (As of now, 38 have been received, with four more reportedly on the way.)

Subjects range from Marion Davies and Clara Bow in the silent era...

marion davies 031 clarence sinclair bullclara bow 18a

...Thelma Todd and Rosalind Russell in the classic era...

thelma todd 105a
rosalind russell his girl friday 02b

...to Shirley MacLaine and Mary Tyler Moore in the modern era:

shirley maclaine 01amary tyler moore 03

Go to http://moviessilently.com/2013/06/28/its-here-the-funny-lady-blogathon/ for the entries.

Our latest Lombard LiveJournal header is Paramount p1202-136, where Carole subtly stares at you while dressed in some sort of gown.

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