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Performing her makeup magic

carole lombard life makeup 00a

Thanks to Tally Haugen, we have a fascinating set of four pictures of Carole Lombard at work -- not acting, but getting ready to act, or just go out into the world. Because while she's a lovely lady in the image above, her face looks a trifle incomplete, even though she's put on her powder base. So it's on to the next step...mascara:

carole lombard life makeup 01a

From there, some eyebrow pencil:

carole lombard life makeup 02a

Finally, the finished product, Carole Lombard, queen of allure. Who needs to have the Westmores on call when you can do it yourself?

carole lombard life makeup 03a

According to Tally, this series of images ran in Life magazine -- and while I'm not doubting her, none of these cropped up in a check of the magazine's online photo archive. But no matter where (or when) it first ran, it's delightful to see, something every woman today can empathize with some three-quarters of a century or so after these were taken.

Blend a full-front facial view, a profile in shadow and a shapely leg, and you have our latest Lombard LiveJournal header, p1202-93.

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