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carole lombard 05

Per your request

Posted by vp19 on 2013.04.26 at 00:19
Current mood: pleasedpleased
carole lombard office 01a

We get letters (or, should we say, email), and one we received today had a request of us. It read:

"I'm wondering...Do you have the header picture of Carole in the sequin and chiffon dress in a bigger size? I've never seen it before. Thanks!"

(For those of you who access Carole & Co. via WordPress, an explanation. At our LiveJournal site, we run a header related to Lombard. At the start of 2013, we decided to run a header of every Paramount p1202 portrait of Carole and change it every four days or so; since our collection features several hundred such portraits, it should take several years before we exhaust them all. They aren't visible at WordPress.)

Currently, we're at p1202-69, and for consistency's sake, we run them at the same depth. But the good news is that we do have a larger version of that portrait...and here it is:

carole lombard p1202-69 larger

Hope that's large enough for you.


(Anonymous) at 2013-04-26 12:30 (UTC) (Link)

You're the best!

Thank you for the larger image. Your blog is quite fabulous and a great source of information. Keep up the good work!

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