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The Paramount stills, part 1

It's been documented that Carole Lombard posed for more than 1,700 fashion/publicity stills during her seven years at Paramount (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/36033.html). Every now and then, we're going to run through some of these photos chronologically, to give an idea of how Lombard's appearance changed over the years.

Here in the first row are P1202-1 (the first still she did at the studio), -5 and -10:

Next up, probably also from 1930, are P1202-32, -36 and -52:

Finally, likely from late 1930 amd early 1931, are P1202-83 and -130:

Sometime soon, we'll look at the next chronological batch of Paramount pics to see how her "look" gradually changed.
Tags: paramount stills series, publicity stills

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