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So far, so good (but vote!)

carole lombard 2013 favorite classic movie actress tourney banner 03

Our latest Carole Lombard 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney banner has restored her to normal size (hey, it's hard to stand on a tennis court when you're 200 feet tall!), but with the second round of voting already begun, it appears Lombard again is looming large over the competition. As of 9 a.m. (Eastern), top-seeded Carole is ahead of fourth seed Jean Harlow, 18-9, in one semifinal of the "Funny Ladies" division; the other has number two Myrna Loy well in front of third-seeded Jean Arthur, 26-1. The other division being contested in the 1930s bracket is "Singers/Dancers," where fourth seed Eleanor Powell has a 15-9 edge on number eight Bebe Daniels and seventh-seeded Joan Blondell is blanking sixth seed Ruby Keeler, 25-0.

Lombard won't rest on her laurels, however; Harlow is a tough competitor with many fans. The Carole camp needs to come out in force and vote for her -- go to http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com to cast your ballot in 1930s races. Voting ends on Saturday.

In the 1940s bracket (http://rosalind-russell.blogspot.com/), the two "Sophisticates" semifinals have Rita Hayworth ahead of Lucille Ball, 10-8, in the battle of red hair, while Maureen O'Hara is up 14-5 on Loretta Young. (Is it too late for Loretta to go to the beautician and dye her hair red?) In "Film Noir Femmes," Gene Tierney leads Claire Trevor, 16-3, and Lauren Bacall has a 13-6 edge on Ida Lupino.

Among 1960s actresses (http://mythicalmonkey.blogspot.com/), we have two tight matches in the "British Invasion" division, as Angela Lansbury leads Diana Rigg, 12-11, and Julie Andrews and Maggie Smith are tied at 12. In the "All-American Girls" division, Anne Bancroft has a 15-8 lead over Patricia Neal and tourney newcomer Paula Prentiss continues her impressive showing with a 12-8 advantage on Tuesday Weld.

Second-round vote in the 1950s bracket hasn't begun yet; go to any of the other brackets to get a link to its voting. Its matches will include Elizabeth Taylor vs. Eleanor Parker and Marilyn Monroe vs. Lana Turner.

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