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Hay, six months -- let's celebrate!

It was six months ago today, back on June 13, that "Carole & Co." was launched. The initial entry consisted of, "This is 'Carole & Co.' (as in "company"), a community focusing on Carole Lombard in particular and classic Hollywood in general. We'll look back at her life, her movies and the film industry of that era -- and we eagerly await your participation and input to get this community going."

Since then, it's been going at a pretty good pace. We've had at least one entry up every day -- something not many LiveJournal communities can claim. Your input and comments have been invaluable, and your contributions are always welcomed.

Our goal at "Carole & Co." has always been to blend a historian's perspective with a fan's enthusiasm regarding Lombard, her life and times, and classic Hollywood in general. And if she can celebrate an anniversary of months rather than years (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/53373.html), then so can we.

With the centennial year of Lombard's birth just around the corner, there promises to be more happenings, more excitement...and we intend to be there. If you have friends who enjoy classic movies and Hollywood's golden age, let them know about us.

Hope you enjoyed that charming picture above, where Carole proves that Jane Russell's not the only actress who can make a haystack memorable. And again, thanks.

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