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Carole and Coop...'Excelsior'!

carole lombard gary cooper 09a

Carole Lombard and Gary Cooper make a great nautical pair in this maritime Paramount publicity photo. Here's another seafaring shot of them, probably from the same session, though both are wearing more layers of clothing:

carole lombard excelsior 1933a cover

It's the cover of the July 5, 1933 issue of Excelsior, a magazine published in Milan, Italy. It also has more items for classic Hollywood fans to savor, such as this piece on Clark Gable, where's he's described as the new Rudolph Valentino -- ironic, that, since the initial rise of tough actors such Gable and James Cagney was to counter the Latin exotic type of the '20s personified by Valentino.

carole lombard excelsior 1933ca

The back cover features a fetching portrait of Lilian Harvey:

carole lombard excelsior 1933da

Fashion influences from Japan, a future fascist wartime ally, are shown inside:

carole lombard excelsior 1933ba

And to remind you the magazine is from 1933 Italy, a photo of Benito Mussolini:

carole lombard excelsior 1933aa

You can buy the magazine for $13.99. To learn more, visit http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c149/VP19/lombard%20p1202/carolelombardp1202-33c_zps1572c91e.jpg

We're back to p1202 portraits for LiveJournal headers. This one, featuring Lombard in front of what appears to be either a studio lamp or faux moonlight, is p1202-33.

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