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Carole "covered" in the UK

When British film fans went to the newsstand during the Golden Age of Hollywood, they had just about as many fan magazine options as their American counterparts. Some time ago, we examined some Carole Lombard covers of Picturegoer magazine (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/15617.html); now, here are covers from two other UK magazines.

First is Film Weekly, which was issued throughout the thirties until it was absorbed into the more popular Picturegoer in the fall of 1939. Before making the cover, Lombard was featured inside, such as this leggy pose from January 1931, not long after she had signed a long-term contract with Paramount:

Her first cover came in September 1933...ahoy!

She was back 14 months later:

Here's one from July 1935, when "Rumba" was on British screens:

Finally, here she is with Fred MacMurray in September 1937, promoting "Swing High, Swing Low," which had been issued earlier that year in America but was a new picture in Britain:

Another UK magazine from that era was called Film Pictorial, which was owned by Picture Show and incorporated into that magazine in September 1939, shortly after World War II began. Lombard made the cover twice, first in October 1935 (note the cover reference to British star Jessie Matthews):

Three months later, she was on the cover to help the magazine promote her "life story":

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