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Motion Picture, February 1931: Those picture-house pests

Posted by vp19 on 2012.12.22 at 20:21
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This week, we've run some Carole Lombard items from the online archive of Motion Picture magazine, and here's more good news on that front: It's now part of the Media History Digital Library, alongside Photoplay, Picture Play and other publications. Just go to http://mediahistoryproject.org/fanmagazines, and immerse yourself in classic Hollywood.

Here's an amusing two-page spread featuring Lombard and Paramount cohorts Stu Erwin and Skeets Gallagher from the February 1931 issue. Have problems going to the multiplex today, as annoying cellphone users, texters and the like spoil your film-going experience? Well, life for movie fans could be just as annoying more than 80 years ago, even without the use of high-tech gadgets, as these poses taken by Otto Dyar prove:

carole lombard motion picture feb 1931 there ought to be a law 00a
carole lombard motion picture feb 1931 there ought to be a law 01a

Two of Carole's films, "Man Of The World" and "It Pays To Advertise," were reviewed in the May 1931 issue:

carole lombard motion picture may 1931 reviews large

Two future Lombard friends gained pictorial recognition in Motion Picture about this time. Check out this sublime photo of Jean Harlow, from March 1931:

jean harlow motion picture march 1931a

The then-seductive Myrna Loy, like Harlow not yet permanently arrived at MGM, received a two-page spread in the same issue:

We'll have more goodies from Motion Picture -- including some fascinating articles on the film industry at the time -- over the next few weeks.

The LiveJournal header is a young, elfin Lombard in a holiday pose from her Pathe days.

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