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Not figuring out the Love from Wilder

carole lombard white woman 39a eugene robert richee

That stunning portrait of Carole Lombard was taken by Eugene Robert Richee to promote her 1933 film "White Woman" (thanks to Tally Haugen for making it available). It has nothing to do with the following anecdote, which involves a man who knew and liked Lombard, but unfortunately never had the chance to work with her, and a much younger woman whose controversial life has included some acting, though she's better known for music.

We're referring to a pair of people who you've probably never linked before -- Billy Wilder and Courtney Love.

billy wilder 00courtney love 00

Here's how Courtney described it:

Famously known for her nonchalant attitude and wild antics, Courtney revealed an anecdote about the time she met acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker Billy Wilder.

When the Academy Award-winner paid her a compliment by comparing her to screen siren actress Carole Lombard, Courtney misread it completely.

"I was once taken to an amazing dinner at Billy Wilder's apartment and he told me I reminded him of Carole Lombard," Courtney recalled. "I was rather shocked that such an amateur thought of me as funny."

Not sure what to make of this, and Love's reference to Wilder as an "amateur" particularly rankles -- unless she's criticizing herself and her thoughts at the time. Also, she probably then deemed herself first and foremost a musician, and being called "funny" likely wasn't what she wanted to hear; that certainly wasn't the point of her music. And the "amateur" reference? Perhaps something to do with Wilder's unfamiliarity with rock. Or maybe at the time, Love wasn't well-versed on classic film, though someone must have told her this man directed classics such as "The Apartment," "Sunset Boulevard" and "Some Like It Hot," working with all sorts of icons along the way.

It may also say that Love primarily thought of Lombard as a high-spirited comedic actress, not realizing there was much more to her than that.

Love is now 48, and we hope for her sake that she's finally conquered her self-destructive demons. By now, she probably also recognizes Lombard as a glamour icon, because she's now in the fashion business, having started a line called Never the Bride. And if what's seen below is a sample of the style, it's something Carole might have liked wearing.

courtney love 01a

The article is at http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/courtney-love-im-just-penn-030000532.html.

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