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The (Sennett) silent treatment

The other day, we were lamenting that no comprehensive package of Carole Lombard's short films she made for Mack Sennett has been released on DVD. Well, this entry unfortunately isn't about news of such a package -- but thanks to Sennett expert Brent Walker and a few other sources, here's what is currently known about the status of her dozen or so Sennett appearances:

* "Smith's Pony" (1927) -- UCLA's film archive has a 16mm print, as do several collectors. Carole also appears in another film in the Smith Family series, "Smith's Army Life," which Grapevine issued as part of a VHS compilation.

* "The Girl From Everywhere" (1927) -- Lombard's first real "Sennett Girl" short, it has been put out on video and DVD from firms like Grapevine, and 16mm prints do exist.

* "Run, Girl, Run" (1928) -- As stated earlier, part of it was used in the Robert Youngson compilation "The Golden Age Of Comedy." The entire short survives on 16mm, and can also be found as an extra on a 1999 Kino DVD of the Clara Bow film "The Plastic Age." Several decades ago, Blackhawk Films released an 8mm version, but it's only 400 feet long.

* "The Beach Club" (1928) -- A Billy Bevan film in which Lombard has a small part, it apparently was issued on video.

* "The Best Man" (1928) -- Another Bevan film, its status is unknown.

* "The Swim Princess" (1928) -- UCLA's archive has the first reel, but it's uncertain whether the other reel has survived.

* "The Bicycle Flirt" (1928) -- Another Bevan film, a copy is owned by Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y.

* "The Girl From Nowhere" (1928) -- Its status is uncertain.

* "His Unlucky Night" (1928) -- Its status is unknown.

* "The Campus Vamp" (1928) -- One of Lombard's more readily available Sennett films, it was issued as an extra on Lumivision's "Nothing Sacred" DVD (with two-strip Technicolor scenes restored), and exists in 16mm form as well.

* "The Campus Carmen" (1928) -- Exists on 16mm.

* "Matchmaking Mamma" (1929) -- Lombard's final "Sennett Girl" appearance, this is also on the aforementioned "Nothing Sacred" DVD. (It's really more Sally Eilers' film than Lombard's; she has some funny scenes, including one where she tries to use the hem of her dress as a potholder to lift an overcooked pan from an oven.)

According to Walker, Lombard also had a bit part in another Sennett film, "Don't Get Jealous," a Bevan film issued after "Matchmaking Mamma" that also featured Vernon Dent (later a familiar figure in Three Stooges shorts). It's owned by UCLA and several other film archives.

All this information is helpful to Lombard fans. What would be even more helpful would be if several of these films would be reissued on a single DVD...preferably one with some background about this formative period in Carole's career.
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