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Sylvia throws Carole a Life Saver

carole lombard photoplay apr 1933 sylvia carole 00carole lombard photoplay apr 1933 sylvia carole 01

Some of you may recall our entry a few years back where we examined an April 1933 Photoplay in which noted fitness expert Sylvia talked about how she helped Carole Lombard develop her famed sleek figure after being a few pounds heavier during her Mack Sennett years (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/110803.html). As it turned out, that wasn't the first time Carole and Sylvia had been seen on the same Photoplay page; it happened several months earlier, and I thank Carole Sampeck of The Lombard Archive for pointing it out to me.

It ran in the October 1932 issue, and it wasn't a story, but an ad -- for Life Savers candy:

carole lombard photoplay oct 1932 life savers ad large

Lombard isn't cited in the story; she's merely there for decoration. One guesses Carole had Life Savers at one time or another, but I have no idea whether she had them regularly.

Regarding the ad, Sampeck added, "Wish they still had Lic-O-Rice flavor -- I'd buy them by the caseload." (It's also hard not to think of the Groucho Marx-Thelma Todd canoeing scene in "Horse Feathers," where a Life Saver figures into the biggest joke.)

Here's what's interesting: Elsewhere in the issue, there's a story about stars' eating habits. Carole doesn't enter the story until the jump, and when it does, we learn Lombard has a craving for spinach (as evidenced by her spinach soup recipe, http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/469753.html).

carole lombard photoplay oct 1932 stars eating larger

Wonder what Sylvia thought of that?

carole lombard p1202-356a

This week's LiveJournal header shows Lombard as part of the Polish underground effort in her final film, the Ernst Lubitsch classic "To Be Or Not To Be."

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