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For Lombard fans next August, there's no place like Rome

Posted by vp19 on 2012.09.30 at 01:11
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And to get there (if you're an American citizen), you won't need a passport or have to convert your dollars into lire. We're talking Rome, N.Y., the upstate town where "Show Folks" (seen above), was shown in 2008 at Capitolfest, an annual three-day summer weekend event that celebrates silent and pre-Code films (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/122832.html).

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rome ny capitol theatre capitolfest 2013 logo

The good -- heck, make that great -- news for Lombard fans is that Carole will be the "tribute star" at Capitolfest 11, slated for Aug. 9 to 11. This was announced last month at the close of Capitolfest 10, and I wish I'd heard the news sooner.

As for what Lombard films (and just about everything at Capitolfest is on film, though it has plans to acquire a digital projector in ensuing months) will be shown as part of the festival, it's too soon to tell. As Capitolfest shows both silents and talkies (the Capitol, built in 1928, has had a 3-manual, 10-rank Möller grand theatre organ, restored 10 years ago), perhaps a few of her Mack Sennett comedies will be shown. Capitolfest has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Capitolfest-CNYs-35mm-Silent-and-Early-Talkie-Film-Festival/124103114276989?ref=stream), and suggestions are sought from the classic film-going public. A few folks have asked for "It Pays To Advertise," and at least one person would like to see "Supernatural."

So, what Lombard films from the silent/pre-Code era would you want on the program? (While I don't have a complete list of Capitolfest screenings over the past decade, I believe that "Virtue" ran in 2004.) So, we're going to conduct a poll.

Poll #1869550 "Carole & Co." Capitolfest 11 poll

Which Carole Lombard film would you most like to see at Capitolfest 11?

"Big News"
"The Arizona Kid"
"Safety In Numbers"
"Fast And Loose"
"It Pays To Advertise"
"Up Pops The Devil"
"Ladies' Man"
"I Take This Woman"
"No One Man"
"Sinners In The Sun"
"No More Orchids"
"No Man Of Her Own"
"From Hell To Heaven"

A maximum of 15 choices were allowed, and aside from "No Man Of Her Own," I don't believe any of them have received an official video or DVD release.

To learn more about Capitolfest -- an event that's drawn plenty of plaudits from the classic film community over the years -- visit http://www.romecapitol.com/capitolfest.html.

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