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It's time to VAMP it up!

carole lombard the campus vamp 22a

Why post the above image of Carole Lombard? Is it to remind us that next month, Turner Classic Movies in the U.S. (and Canada, too!) will air a tribute to Mack Sennett each Thursday? Well, it could be -- although Lombard's Sennett films won't air until the 27th. (Oh, and to Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz or whomever's doing the intros that night: At Sennett, her first name was "Carole," save for a brief, isolated time when publicity referred to her as "Carolle." The "Carol" moniker was used at Pathe in 1929, and briefly retained for "The Arizona Kid" at Fox and "Safety In Numbers," her first Paramount film.)

Actually, we're using that still because it's from the 1928 two-reeler "The Campus Vamp," with emphasis on the word vamp. In the future, it's going to be a notable acronym for many film fans.

What does VAMP (all caps) stand for? The Vintage Association of Motion Picture Blogs, "an association for bloggers who write primarily about films made before 1980." The creator adds that the word "vintage" was used rather than "classic" because, well, "not every old movie is necessarily a classic, the word classic implying a level of greatness that not every film will possess" -- "Fools For Scandal," for example. And the cutoff point is arbitrary, since it wouldn't make sense to label 1978's "Foul Play" as vintage and another Goldie Hawn comedy, "Private Benjamin," as not simply because it was issued in 1980.

(I'm guessing another reason "vintage" was used instead of "classic" was that the latter would lead to the acronym CAMP, which could cause some to erroneously believe the site was about the 1960s "Batman" TV series or whatever Susan Sontag liked to write about.)

With an acronym such as VAMP, what's the symbol of the site? Who else but...

vamp banner 01a

...Theda Bara, the vamp by whom all vamps are measured (although, since most of Bara's films are sadly lost, it's difficult to do). Here's Cincinnati-born Theodosia Goodman in two of her cinematic triumphs, as Madame DuBarry (left) and Cleopatra:

theda bara madame du barry 1917 george james hopkinstheda bara cleopatra 00

As for the real woman behind the vamp, check out this demure portrait:

theda bara 00a

Getting back to VAMP (the association, not the actress), at last check 15 blogs were members, and I'm proud to proclaim "Carole & Co." now is one of them. This is the third movie blog group I belong to, joining the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) and the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA; its mascot is the lion Simba). If you view this site via LiveJournal, links are available at the bottom of the left-hand column; if you see this at WordPress, you can check out VAMP, and find out who are its members, at http://vampb.blogspot.com.

Thanks to VAMP, I've already discovered a few movie blogs I'd not been aware of before, and I'm certain others will come along fitting that description. If you have a blog that would qualify as VAMPish, by all means join.

We'll leave you with this photo of the lovely Thelma Todd, because it's from a 1927 First National comedy called..."Vamping Venus":

thelma todd vamping venus 02

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