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An "anniversary" letter

Here's a nice example of Carole Lombard's penmanship, courtesy of a letter she sent to an unknown friend in late February 1932. It's in pencil, so it's not entirely legible, but it provides a good sample of her handwriting style. Just as important, it gives some insight into her emotions, or at least what she was trying to present to others at this time of her life:

The message, including a misspelling, is as follows:

"Feb. 26 - 1932
"This day happens to be my aniversary
(sic). I have been married eight months, and thanks to the kind lord I am very happy.
"Most sincerely
Carole Lombard"

Her husband at the time was of course William Powell. Perhaps at the time she didn't notice the undercurrents, but 18 months later, the marriage would be over.
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