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The exhibit needs a poster, child

carole lombard 2258ahollywood museum 02a

Lately, I've received inquiries on the status of a planned exhibit on Carole Lombard at The Hollywood Museum (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/490067.html). Since I live on the opposite coast, I thought it best to check with the curator, Darrell Rooney -- the same man whose work led to the phenomenally successful Jean Harlow exhibit at the museum. Here's what he had to say:

"Loan documents have been made and the whole package is in the hands of the Museum. They are looking at when the exhibit could open in relation to their scheduled events, and where exactly it'll be housed. On the 2nd or 3rd floor, how much space is needed, etc."

It could happen as early as this fall, but nothing firm has been set. The museum is currently hosting a well-received Marilyn Monroe exhibit, and given Monroe's phenomenal popularity -- not to mention that August marks the 50th anniversary of her passing -- that should be around for quite a while. However, the museum (located in the old Max Factor building) can, and does, host multiple exhibits, so a prolonged stay for Marilyn wouldn't necessarily work against Carole.

Speaking of the Monroe exhibit, here are a few photos; it apparently does a good job of showing not only Marilyn the star, but Marilyn the person as well:

hollywood museum marilyn monroe exhibit 00
hollywood museum marilyn monroe exhibit 03
hollywood museum marilyn monroe exhibit 04

Thanks to http://www.blondeepisodes.com for several of those images.

Rest assured that any Lombard exhibit will be similarly multifaceted. But there is one area where Darrell could use your help:

"I realize that I don't have any posters, though. That's something I need."

Posters such as...

carole lombard i take this woman poster 00acarole lombard in name only poster 01b
carole lombard love before breakfast poster 05acarole lombard no one man three-sheet poster 00
carole lombard nothing sacred poster large 00

If you can help with posters, contact Darrell at darrellrooney@sbcglobal.net. Your aid will be appreciated, as it will help Carole's exhibit get...

carole lombard from hell to heaven poster 01a

For more on the museum, go to http://thehollywoodmuseum.com.

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