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A happy 100th to Paramount!

carole lombard p1202-1159d

Nice place for a star to relax, isn't it? Carole Lombard likely thought so, too. This is her Paramount dressing room/home-away-from-home in p1202-1159, probably taken sometime in 1935. Of course, Carole spent lots of time around the lot, too, from posing for Hungarian Christmas photos...

carole lombard christmas 01a hungarian

...to participating in a team picture with other Paramount players, even letting Jack Oakie rest his hands on her lovely shoulders...

carole lombard paramount lot 1930s larger

...to assisting a midget auto race pitting Jackie Cooper against Groucho and Harpo Marx...

carole lombard groucho harpo marx jackie cooper at paramount 01a

...to promoting upcoming pictures, such as "True Confession," with the likes of Fred MacMurray and Una Merkel:

carole lombard true confession 43b fred macmurray una merkel

As many of you may know, Paramount is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2012 (it was 100 years ago this summer that founder Adolph Zukor got the company off the ground by premiering Sarah Bernhardt in "Queen Elizabeth"), and the company even has a special logo to commemorate the milestone:

paramount 100th anniversary 00

In addition, Paramount has created a stylized poster commemorating 100 of its films (though alas, not one film for each year). Nevertheless, it's fun figuring out which each stands for:

paramount 100 years of pictures

All in all, a reminder of the greatness produced behind the studio's famed Bronson Avenue gate:

paramount 1926a bronson avenue gate

I'm bringing all this up because this fall, specifically Sept. 27-28, the Hollywood Revue blog (http://hollywoodrevue.wordpress.com) is hosting a "Paramount Centennial Blogathon"...

paramount centennial blogathon 00

...and yes, I'll be participating, with a Lombard-themed entry, of course. And speaking of blogathons, we are still seeking suggestions for a reader-inspired Lombard retro film for next month's "The Great Recasting." Learn about this "what if" concept, and leave a suggestion, at http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/520083.html.

the great recasting 01a

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