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My man, that's not 'Godfrey'

None of us in the blogosphere bats 1.000, and in my five-plus years running "Carole & Co.", I've made my share of errors. So to the person on eBay selling this photo, one I've never come across before, please take this constructively:

carole lombard ladies man 12d

You list this as http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-WILLIAM-POWELL-MY-MAN-GOFFREY-ORIGINAL-PHOTO-1936-/261046052607?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item3cc78ea6ff, but something's amiss (and I don't mean the misspelling of "Godfrey") -- it's not from that film. William Powell may not look that dissimilar from "Godfrey," but Carole Lombard's Irene Bullock character was never seen in an outfit like that. Her hair is even more of a giveaway -- it's not from "Godfrey," as it's lighter in shade and different in style than anything seen from Irene.

But there's also another telltale sign -- look at the lower right-hand corner:

carole lombard ladies man 12e

Just as Paramount coded players for its portrait stills (e.g., Lombard's p1202), so did it code individual films. This is 1301, which happened to belong to Carole's second film with Bill, "Ladies' Man" from 1931. As proof, here are two other publicity stills from that movie:

carole lombard ladies man 05c
carole lombard ladies man 08ab

(The other Powell-Lombard collaboration, "Man Of The World," was actually released before "Ladies' Man," but has a 1307 coding. Really not much of a difference, as both were part of Paramount's early 1931 production schedule.)

The "Ladies' Man" photo at the top of this entry is 8" x 10" in mint condition; it presumably has no snipe or other information on the back that could have led the seller to believe it was from a film other than "Godfrey," by far the best-known of the three movies Carole made with her first husband. Anyone interested doesn't have much time left to get this, as bidding expires at 7:32 a.m. (Eastern) Monday, and no one has made so much as a minimum bid of $12.99. Click to the link at the top to place a bid or learn more.

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