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Looking back: June 1933

carole lombard the eagle and the hawk 00b

Carole Lombard's latest film in theaters in June 1933 was the World War I spectacle "The Eagle And The Hawk," although her participation is confined to one long segment with Fredric March. Nevertheless, Lombard was part of the advertising campaign, probably as a way to entice female moviegoers. Here are ads from the June 7 Ogden Standard-Examiner in Utah (left) and the Mason City Globe-Gazette in Iowa:

carole lombard the eagle and the hawk ad 060733 ogden standard-examinercarole lombard the eagle and the hawk ad 061833 mason city globe-gazette

The Oakland Tribune even ran a handwriting contest based on the film, where winners could get cash prizes up to $15 or two free tickets to the movie at the city's famed Paramount. Carole's penmanship was featured on June 18:

carole lombard the eagle and the hawk 061833 oakland tribune

Several other Lombard films were still making the rounds; in fact, in Winnipeg, Lombard was all over the place. The Free Press of June 2 had a large ad for "Virtue," with one for "No Man Of Her Own" just to the right of Carole's torso:

carole lombard 060233 winnipeg free press

Five days later, Lombard was even more visible in the Manitoba capital, as "Virtue" and "No Man Of Her Own" were joined by "No More Orchids":

carole lombard 060733 winnipeg free press

Carole's even listed for a film she didn't make, as we've noted before -- "Billion Dollar Scandal" (Constance Cummings was actually the female lead).

Lombard was working during June -- not at her home base of Paramount, but at Columbia. On June 27, the Hollywood Reporter wrote work had been completed three days earlier on "Brief Moment":

carole lombard brief moment 062733 hollywood reporter

In fact, on June 1, Film Daily reported she was very much in Columbia's plans:

carole lombard film daily 060133a

Carole may have been enamored with Columbia because of the treatment she was getting at Paramount, such as being assigned this movie, from a June 6 Film Daily blurb:

carole lombard film daily 060633a

As for "She Made Her Bed," Lombard never lay in it. Sally Eilers drew that role, co-starring with Richard Arlen and Robert Armstrong, in a film that would be released the following April.

Speaking of Armstrong, on June 8 Film Daily reported that Lombard's three 1929 Pathe films -- including the two she made with him -- were part of a package bought and made available for re-issue:

carole lombard film daily 060833bcarole lombard film daily 060833c

On June 27, the trades told of Paramount's announcement of its 1933-34 package at its New York convention. Here's the Hollywood Reporter take on it...

carole lombard hollywood reporter 062733d
carole lombard hollywood reporter 062733e

...followed by that of Film Daily:

carole lombard film daily 062733b
carole lombard film daily 062733c

Note that in both, the only film listing Lombard is one she never made, "All Of Me," while one she would make -- "White Woman" -- was initially announced as the first American vehicle for Dorothea Wieck of "Maedchen In Uniform" fame, but with Herbert Marshall as the second male lead, not Charles Bickford. Wieck would make but two Hollywood films (including "Cradle Song," listed here) before returning to Europe. And since "Cruise To Nowhere" lists both Bing Crosby and Burns & Allen, might this be an early version of the Lombard film that ultimately became known as "We're Not Dressing"?

The following day, Film Daily ran a six-page ad spread from Paramount announcing its upcoming season, and judging from it (she's in the alphabetical grouping of its second-tier stars), Carole's career at the studio seemed a cruise to nowhere:

carole lombard film daily 062833a
carole lombard film daily 062833b
carole lombard film daily 062833c
carole lombard film daily 062833d
carole lombard film daily 062833e
carole lombard film daily 062833f

What else was going on with Lombard in June 1933? Well, according to a report in the Winnipeg Free Press of June 3 (probably Paramount-planted PR, as every blurb -- even the one on James Cagney -- has a Paramount angle), Carole was serenaded outside her dressing room by Crosby (who wouldn't like that?), but he apparently wasn't doing it solo:

carole lombard 060333 winnipeg free press

Unfortunately, none of the big Los Angeles papers are part of the Newspaper Archive...but the suburban Van Nuys News is, and while the following event took place on Hollywood Boulevard and not in the San Fernando Valley, it made the June 8 paper anyway. Dog lover Lombard apparently presented trophies for a showing of a breed I don't think she ever owned:

carole lombard 060833 van nuys news

Up the coast in Oakland that day, the Tribune again ran this large ad of Lombard for mayonnaise. We ran this last month, but here it is once more, for those of you who missed it:

carole lombard 060833 oakland tribune

Now, some Lombard-William Powell items. Early in the month, they were among the throng of filmland notables who journeyed to Agua Caliente in Mexico to not only partake of legal liquor, but attend the annual Wampas golf tournament and ball. Syndicated columnist Dan Thomas tells of the goings-on in the June 8 Burlington (N.C.) Daily Times-News:

carole lombard 060833 burlington daily times-news

The June 27 Hollywood Reporter noted the couple's second anniversary (next to a non-Lombard item that may be of interest -- how the New York dailies of the time reviewed Barbara Stanwyck's "Baby Face," now seen as a pre-Code landmark):

carole lombard hollywood reporter 062733f

In Harrison Carroll's syndicated column June 5, shown here in the San Mateo Times, he notes work commitments were keeping Bill and Carole from the vacation they'd planned:

carole lombard 060533a san mateo times

When August came around, Lombard indeed had a vacation of sorts, but it wasn't with Bill. And she probably spent her share of time there reading the newspaper this image of her and good friend Marion Davies appeared in on June 25 -- the Nevada State Journal in Reno:

carole lombard 062533 nevada state journal

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