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Some selections from 'Selectos'

carole lombard films selectos 1932a spain

Above is a portrait of Carole Lombard, from a film called "The Insatiable One." Now before you rush to thinking this was part of her filmography that she didn't want us to know about (like the films the young Joan Crawford allegedly made), rest assured this isn't the case. It's simply the Spanish title of the 1932 Paramount movie "No One Man."

This hails from a 1932 issue of the Barcelona-based magazine Films Selectos, which apparently only published from 1930 to 1938 (one presumes a little thing called the Spanish Civil War got in the way), but was quite popular in its day. Most of its attention went toward Hollywood stars, and Lombard made the cover at least three times -- on Aug. 13, 1932, with Ricardo Cortez, in a still from "The Insatia--," er, "No One Man"...

carole lombard films selectos 081332b ricardo cortez spain

...from June 16, 1934, sharing the cover with Chester Morris (apparently "Sinners In The Sun" didn't reach Spain until two years after its American release)...

carole lombard films selectos 061634 chester morris spain small

...and finally becoming a cover girl on her own on April 11, 1936:

carole lombard films selectos 041136b spain

All this was meant to warm you up for the latest Lombard goodie from eBay; it's from Films Selectos, and while I don't have an exact date, I'm guessing it to be from the mid-thirties, specifically 1935 or '36:

carole lombard films selectos spain 1930s large

To see it better, let's eliminate the border and enlarge the image:

carole lombard films selectos spain 1930s closeup

Against a tinted background, Carole's exquisite, ethereal beauty shines through.

This one-sided, 8" x 10" pinup, listed in "fine" condition, has made its way across the Atlantic, since the seller hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Like to give this a good home? You can buy it now for $12.99 or make an offer. Go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Vintage-1930s-Art-Deco-Portrait-Pinup-Photo-Clipping-/350572330032?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item519fbd3c30 to find out more.

Oh, and thanks to Carla Valderrama at Carole Lombard.org for translating the caption in that top photo. (It was beyond me; growing up in Syracuse, N.Y., just a few hours south of Quebec, I was taught several years of French in school.)

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