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It's 1933, and Carole goes Marxist!

No, not in the political or economic sense, but in terms of Groucho and Harpo. Here's Carole Lombard with the two Marxes and Jackie Cooper in a midget car race on the Paramount lot in 1933:

We bring this up because another photo from that event has surfaced, a 4" x 5" candid of Carole with Harpo, taken by veteran Hollywood fan magazine photographer Hyman Fink. It's part of a contact sheet, so we'll show it twice -- first as it was probably meant to be seen, and secondly as it is currently being auctioned:

It appears that "Stage 3" (or possibly "5") is in the upper background of the photo, which helps us pinpoint precisely where at Paramount this was shot. That's because yet another photo taken that day (possibly also by Fink) shows the opposite angle:

The "ESS" in the background, not to mention the array of clothing people are wearing, leads one to believe it's a dressing room for extras and supporting players. Examining a recent Paramount studio map, assuming no major functional changes have been made since 1933, gives the impression it was taken here (a cut-in of the map, with the famed Bronson gate in the lower right-hand corner)...

...along what is called "Avenue M," which looks wide enough to fit three midget auto racers.

The rare pic of Lombard and Harpo is being auctioned at eBay, with bids beginning at $49.99; bidding is scheduled to end at 10:32 p.m. (Eastern) next Thursday. If this photo of two comic icons catches your fancy, bid or find out more at http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-HARPO-MARX-Rare-Original-1930s-Candid-4x5-Photo-/370612311596?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item564a37162c.

Finally, let's turn the tables on Mr. Fink and show him being photographed...or, should we say, a photograph of one of the people he would photograph photographing him. Confused? This is from Oct. 7, 1936, and shows Clark Gable, Fink second from left, Joan Crawford (who would attend Fink's wedding in 1940) and Jack Albin, Hollywood photographer for Hearst's International News Service:


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