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Tumbling for a few new pictures

Every now and then, I'm stumped regarding ideas for writing my daily "Carole & Co." entry -- and that's when I can fall back on the thousands and thousands of photographs taken of Carole Lombard during her relatively brief lifetime. The challenge then is finding images I've never used in my nearly five years of running this site.

And http://carolelombard.tumblr.com has come to my rescue. This site has 55 pages worth of Carole photos...and perusing its output over the past few months, it has run several images I have never seen before. So here they are on my site, with thanks, and some observations where possible.

Alfred Eisenstadt took all sorts of pictures of Lombard during his assignment that eventually resulted in Life magazine's celebrated Oct. 17, 1938 cover story. Not every one made the cut, of course, and off the top of my head, I don't believe this one did, showing Carole standing atop the step of a convertible:

This one shows Lombard, in khakis, with her beloved palomino, Pico, probably from 1937 or thereabouts:

Switching from Carole the informal to Carole the elegant, here's Lombard looking magnificent:

Finally, that fabulous face, front and center:

Pictures often say more than words, don't they?

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