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Carole vs. Myrna: Nip and tuck

To call the Carole Lombard-Myrna Loy "Funny Ladies" final a thriller would be an understatement. As of midnight (Eastern), top-seeded Lombard has a 67-63 edge over #2 Loy; the lead has switched numerous times, and neither lady can pull away from the other.

So Team Carole is resorting to the oldest trick in the book to win votes, focusing on an area Loy was never renowned for...

The other match in the Silents/1930s bracket -- the "Singers/Dancers" final -- is developing into something special, too, as third seed Ginger Rogers, exhibiting the tenacity she showed as an actress and as a dancer, is giving top-seeded Irene Dunne all she can handle, and more. Dunne is leading, but only by 78-68. Can Ginger pull off the upset?

It's amazing that there are nearly two days left in these matches, as voting ends at 10 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday. If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for? Go to http://mythicalmonkey.blogspot.com.


1940s (http://rosalind-russell.blogspot.com)
"Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door"
#1 Rosalind Russell 46, #2 Lucille Ball 45
#1 Judy Garland 48, #2 Rita Hayworth 43

1950s (http://dawnschickflicks.blogspot.com)
"Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door"
#5 Janet Leigh 56, #2 Marilyn Monroe 31
#2 Debbie Reynolds 48, #1 Doris Day 39

1960s (http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com)
"Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door"
#2 Jane Fonda 43, #1 Natalie Wood 34
#3 Ann-Margret 41, #1 Julie Andrews 34

Some really close matches (Russell vs. Ball rivals Lombard vs. Loy for closeness), some potential upsets (Leigh over Monroe would be a stunner). And voting for all of these extends through Saturday, too. Get in on it, as we draw nearer to our final 16 out of the original 128.

Oh, and in case the banner above didn't spur you to vote for Carole, perhaps this pic will...


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