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A tourney (and Cinefest) update

That's our latest banner in support of Carole Lombard in the 2012 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. Carole's second-round match against a dangerous foe, Jean Arthur (who had surprisingly little difficulty with Margaret Sullavan), won't start until Thursday, so for now let's examine the semifinal matches in the other divisions as of 12:30 a.m. (Eastern).

Elsewhere in the Silents/1930s bracket (http://mythicalmonkey.blogspot.com), which will end at 10 p.m. (Eastern):

"They Had Faces"
#1 Greta Garbo 73, #4 Clara Bow 35
#3 Gloria Swanson 72, #2 Mary Pickford 32

"Tough Broads And Pre-Code Babes"
#1 Barbara Stanwyck 67, #4 Claudette Colbert 43
#3 Joan Crawford 64, #2 Marlene Dietrich 51

In the 1940s bracket (http://rosalind-russell.blogspot.com), which will end at 11 p.m. (Eastern):

#5 Gene Tierney 43, #1 Vivien Leigh 35
#3 Lauren Bacall 46, #2 Ingrid Bergman 28

"Drama Queens"
#1 Bette Davis 50, #4 Joan Fontaine 31
#3 Olivia de Havilland 43, #2 Katharine Hepburn 37

Now to the 1950s bracket (http://dawnschickflicks.blogspot.com), scheduled to end at 8 p.m. (Eastern):

#1 Grace Kelly 60, #4 Sophia Loren 27
#2 Audrey Hepburn 57, #3 Deborah Kerr 38

"Drama Queens"
#1 Elizabeth Taylor 62, #4 Anne Baxter 27
#3 Ava Gardner 53, #2 Susan Hayward 33

And finally, the 1960s bracket (http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com), which also closes at 8 p.m. (Eastern):

#1 Jean Simmons 43, #5 Claudia Cardinale 21
#6 Anne Bancroft 39, #2 Faye Dunaway 27

"Drama Queens"
#5 Susannah York 32, #1 Julie Christie 29
#3 Catherine Deneuve 36, #2 Lee Remick 27

If you haven't voted in any or all of these, do so.

Last month, we noted that "Matchmaking Mamma," Lombard's final film for Mack Sennett, was to be part of Cinefest 32 in Syracuse, N.Y. (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/488047.html). Here's more information: "Mamma," which contains some two-strip Technicolor footage as seen above, will be shown at 2:05 p.m. Thursday at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, just north of town. You can find the complete schedule (and how to register at the last minute) at http://www.syracusecinefest.com, but some highlights (or curiosities) include:

* 10:45 a.m. -- "Bad Company" (1931), with Ricardo Cortez and Helen Twelvetrees
* 4:35 p.m. -- "Red Salute" (1935), an anti-communist comedy with Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Young

* 10:55 a.m. -- "Laughter" (1930), with Nancy Carroll, Frank Morgan, Fredric March and Lombard's ill-fated friend Diane Ellis
* 4:50 p.m. -- "Confessions Of A Co-Ed" (1931), with Sylvia Sidney
* 8:25 p.m. -- "A Song In The Dark" presentation with author Richard Barrios, who wrote the fine book by that name; expect some samples of early musicals
* 11 p.m. -- "The Gracie Allen Murder Case" (1939), with Warren William and yes, Gracie Allen

An all-day session at the famed Palace Theater; most of the films shown will be silents, including "Get Your Man" (1927) with Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers and the restored 1918 Douglas Fairbanks comedy "Mr. Fix-It," but the final film will be the Jack Oakie 1933 comedy "Once In A Lifetime." When the group returns to the Holiday Inn, the nighttime program includes...
* 8:10 p.m. -- "A Trip To The Moon" (1902), the Georges Melies classic
* 10:05 p.m. -- "Mamba" (1929), the first all-talking, all-color feature, which is in the process of being fully restored. A partially restored version will be shown here, its first U.S. showing in 80 years; learn more at http://talkieking.blogspot.com/2012/03/mamba-at-cinefest-march-17-2012.html

* 9 a.m. -- "Love Thy Neighbor" (1940), featuring Jack Benny and Fred Allen in a cinematic extension of their famed radio "feud"
* 10:30 a.m. -- The annual auction, hosted by Leonard Maltin
* 1:55 p.m. -- "The Untamed" (1920), with Tom Mix in action
* 2:50 p.m. -- "Champagne Waltz" (1937), with Fred MacMurray and Gladys Swarthout in the final film

This promises to be plenty of fun, so if you have the time, spend a few days enjoying classic films in the Salt City.

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