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Some past Lombard Heritage

A week ago, we ran an entry about Carole Lombard items that are part of this month's Heritage Auctions sale of motion picture memorabilia. Here are some of the Lombard portraits that were part of recent Heritage auctions. First, p1202-6, followed by p1202-49 and p1202-81:

Next up, p1202-85, 178 and 208 (the last looks to have been taken by Otto Dyar):

The third group of three is p1202-306, 656 and 854:

The fourth batch is p1202-860, 863 and 934:

To complete the p1202s, 1087 and 1630; the latter also features a snipe:

Finally, a Lombard portrait without any markings, but looks to be from her Paramount period:

Some of the above were original 8" x 10" or 11" x 14" publicity photos; others were original negatives.

To learn more about the current auction, go to http://movieposters.ha.com.

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