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Factor in her advertising

As we've seen in previous posts, Carole Lombard appeared in her share of advertisements for Max Factor, the cosmetics legend whose firm was based in Hollywood. Now, a document has surfaced providing a bit of insight over how she was employed in ads, something Lombard signed on July 13, 1932:

Note that it's a studio-generated form contract, presumably used for all sorts of product tie-ins (e.g., Lux soap), and was almost certainly arranged through Paramount, not Lombard herself. Moreover, the studio had prior approval over advertisements (not Carole, though she may have been consulted in such situations) and that every ad had to include the title of her current picture. Also note that no amount of money was listed; did Lombard receive any compensation for her ad appearances (other than some free cosmetics), or was it deemed part of the benefits of stardom and included in her salary?

These Max Factor ads, featuring Jean Harlow in 1933 and Ginger Rogers in 1936, were likely made under similar arrangements with MGM and RKO, respectively. A document from 1975 shows they and several other of Carole's contemporaries signed such agreements:

The document with the Lombard signature, with the '75 document thrown in as a bonus, are being sold at eBay...but in order to buy it, you'll have to come up with $10,000 -- probably far more than any money (or cosmetics!) Carole received from Factor during her lifetime. While Lombard-signed documents obviously have historical value, a five-figure sum nonetheless remains astounding. You can learn more at http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-DOCUMENT-SIGNED-07-13-1932-/370592269914?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item564905465a.

More fascinating stuff from the house of Factor, headquartered in the building that's now the home of The Hollywood Museum.

An update on the Silents/1930s bracket of the Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney: As of 9 a.m. (Eastern), Carole is comfortably in front of Gail Patrick, 58-10, much to Lombard's delight.

The other matches in the "Funny Ladies" division are similarly one-sided -- Myrna Loy leads Margaret Dumont, 54-7; Harlow is trouncing Marie Dressler, 51-10; and the "closest" race finds Jean Arthur in front of Margaret Sullavan, 50-15. Things are somewhat tighter in the "Singers And Dancers" division, as Hattie McDaniel leads Shirley Temple, 33-29, and Jeanette MacDonald has a 36-28 edge on Mae West, while Rogers is in front of Joan Blondell, 37-23, and Irene Dunne is comfortably ahead of Luise Rainer, 57-7.

Voting ends at 10 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday; if you haven't done so, cast your ballot at http://mythicalmonkey.blogspot.com.

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