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In the cards, for the Games

Like many in Los Angeles in 1932, Carole Lombard had Olympic fever. We know she attended at least one day of the Games (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/437978.html), but apparently she helped raise funds for them, too. Or at least her image did.

As a fundraiser for the Olympics, the P.G. Wenger Co. issued a commemorative playing card deck. The cards from 2 through 10 were conventional in appearance, but the jacks through aces had a different look; the aces showed the Olympic stadium (the Coliseum), the swimming venue, the Olympic village and City Hall, while two film stars graced each of the other 12 cards.

And thanks to the work of http://www.things-and-other-stuff.com, we know who was on the queen of diamonds...

...Carole on one side, Paramount stablemate Tallulah Bankhead on the other.

Kings and jacks had male stars, queens the females; the only major studio not participating was MGM. The queen of spades card remains a mystery, but we do know "Night Nurse" cohorts Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck were on the queen of clubs...

...while Kay Francis and Celia Ryland (who?) were on the queen of hearts:

Among the male stars were Warren William and George Bancroft:

Learn more about the cards at http://www.things-and-other-stuff.com/movie-collectibles/1932-pg-wenger-olympiad-playing-cards.

Did the sale of the cards help raise funds for the Games? Maybe. But at least it's a star-studded, Hollywood-flavored souvenir from those memorable few weeks.

This week's header at LiveJournal shows Carole, as fan dancer Alabam' Lee, "adopting" May Robson from a senior citizens' home to live with her as a publicity stunt (they had already agreed on this beforehand).

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