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Get ready for spring, blondes

It's the early months of 1935, and the career of Carole Lombard -- redefining herself for her comedic skills, thanks largely to "Twentieth Century," after years of being viewed as an all-purpose star by both fans and her home studio of Paramount -- is in the ascendant. For some time now, she had been renowned for both her sleek figure and her fashion sense, regularly ranking among the top of the film community's best-dressed women.

Furs, as seen above in Paramount's p1202-1000, might be good for chilly weather (at least in those unenlightened times before the animal rights movement), but how does a woman stay stylish once things warm up? Photoplay magazine decided to find out, and provided its readers with an answer in the April 1935 issue:

In a story written by Carolyn Van Wyck, Lombard said:

"The charm of the blonde lies in her coloring -- or lack of it. Make-up should accent her pastels, not disguise them. I use little make-up off the screen, but what I use is in the gentler tones. With the exception of black and white, off-tones are her clothes colors, pale pinks, blues, greens -- indeed, fairly any muted color.

"My one exception in make-up, as you can see, is my nails."

(Van Wyck had noted Carole was wearing "mahogany-red" polish on her fingers and toes.)

Lombard continued:

"I consider this whole business of personal enhancement rather futile unless women will augment it with personal development. I believe that any woman who does things is interesting, that she can be interesting only by doing things. A full, busy life seems unconsciously to develop us, to bring out our best points and to subdue the worst ones. My sincerest advice to any girl or woman is to develop herself through activities and interests. Then she need never fear her personal attraction or interest for others."

Many of these thoughts would be extrapolated into a Photoplay piece some two years later where Carole described how she lived by a man's code (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/111181.html).

Some good ideas for spring, the time when one can then make plans for summer, as seen in p1202-1070...


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