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Tally adds two to the p1202 army

That army, of course, refers to the photographic portraits taken of Carole Lombard during her seven-plus years at Paramount Pictures. We've snared several hundred over the years (out of more than 1,700 the studio apparently released), and now we have two more, thanks to Carole collector Tally Haugen.

First, p1202-85, which looks to be from late 1930 or the start of '31. Double-click, and be overwhelmed by both its scale and its beauty, as Lombard models a fancy dress:

Move up to 1932 and p1202-306, much smaller in size but no less elegant, as Carole's modified cloche hat complements her flawless skin and smile in this charming profile:

Thanks to Tally for making these heretofore rarely seen images available.

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