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Learn Lombard's secret

Carole Lombard wasn't by nature a secretive soul (the October 2008 cover of Turner Classic Movies' Now Playing notwithstanding), but apparently she had some methods to her "madness" that made her successful. Those methods included Lombard's popularity with men...beyond her beauty and sex appeal, that is.

In late 1937, one filmland magazine (not sure which) did a three-page article, "The Secret of Carole Lombard's Appeal to Men," which sought to show what set Carole apart from some of her sexy contemporaries. I don't have all three pages available, but I can show you one to give you a flavor of the piece:

Interesting -- the swimsuit pic looks to be from the same mid-thirties shoot where Lombard wore a black one-piece, but the pose is different from what I've seen before. And note how a ballplayer was removed from the background of Carole getting ready to pitch.

I can make out the captions in the middle of the page, and perhaps they will illuminate:

(Top left pic) "Possessing the beauty of face and figure that men desire in women, Carole can be utterly feminine, has a rare gift for understanding, ability to match a man's mood. Mad, merry, serious, Carole is quick to sense the mood, fit in with it"

(Top right pic) "Breathtaking beauty like Carole's and real athletic ability seldom go hand in hand, but Carole (above) is adept at most outdoor sports -- is always a worthwhile opponent. And what's more, she's an excellent cook and housekeeper to boot"

(Series of pics below) "With the true instinct of a born actress, Lombard can throw herself into a role with complete abandon. Forget she is beautiful (if necessary), give everything she has to the part. In fact, she lives role on the screen and off; is actually the character she is playing at the moment. In making 'The Princess Comes Across,' she used the phony accent of the character she was playing in every-day life until the production was entirely completed.

"Below: No double is necessary when scenes call for action. Lovemakers are Carole and Fred MacMurray, in scene from 'True Confession.'"

According to the seller, the article measures 10" x 13" and has 17 Lombard photos in all, including several with Clark Gable.

The pictorial is up for auction at eBay; bidding begins at $3.95, with bidding ending at 9:52 p.m. on Monday. You can place a bid or learn more by visiting http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Appeal-Men-1937-3-page-Pictorial-/350513506067?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item519c3ba713.

And once you learn her secret, spread the word (I'd love to see all three pages!) to help a new generation of women.

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