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An interesting image of Carole Lombard from her Pathe years -- more precisely, supposedly a promotional still from "The Racketeer," her last film at the studio, released in late 1929. It's been a long time since I watched "The Racketeer" (for the simple reason that it frankly isn't very good, your run-of-the-mill static early talkie), so I don't recall whether Rhoda Philbrooke (Carole's character -- yes, that's her name) cavorted in such garb, or whether this is merely studio publicity with no direct tie to the film..

I found this as part of a 10-photo spread created by Mark A. Clark at Film Noir Photos; the entry is called "The Eyes Have It: Carole Lombard" (http://www.xpresszo.com/blog/filmnoirphotos/5518125673587011687 or http://filmnoirphotos.blogspot.com/2011/09/eyes-have-it-carole-lombard.html). Lombard certainly had expressive, lovely eyes, every bit as distinctive as those of some other notable stars of the time (I'm thinking of Constance Bennett and Bette Davis). Want proof? Here's another example from Clark and his blog -- while no date was listed, this looks to be from her fairly early in her Paramount period, though for some of you that bare shoulder, and back, may distract you from her eyes:

You want to see the rest of the 10, you say? Well then, you'll simply have to go to Clark's website.

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