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A toast to going 'Hollywood'

By the fall of 1934, Carole Lombard was moving up in the screenland world, and this inside page from that October's Hollywood magazine provides proof. It raises "A Toast to..." Lombard

"because she climbed from Mack Sennett comedies to the top of the screen ladder; because, in 'Twentieth Century,' she gave one of the finest performances of her career -- or anybody's career; because she scores again in 'Now And Forever' with Gary Cooper; and because, on or off the screen, she is one of Hollywood's loveliest and most talented ladies"

I'm sure Carole appreciated the compliments, but since the magazine likely hit the newsstands in mid-September, she was probably still trying to get over the shocking passing of Russ Columbo. (The photo appears to be from one of the "Twentieth Century" portrait sessions, but I've never seen one where she was holding a dog.)

This issue of Hollywood is a good snapshot of the film industry at the time. Sylvia Sidney, who my mother would see knitting on a train about a decade later, graced the cover:

My mother, who turned 14 that October, may well have bought this issue, not because of Sidney but because there was a story on her favorite star of the time, Ruby Keeler (along with her husband, Al Jolson):

There were also stories on Mae West's Broadway days, as told by her former pianist, Harry Richman...

...Ernst Lubitsch's "The Merry Widow"...

...even a Max Factor ad with Jean Harlow (note that her upcoming film is titled "Born To Be Kissed"; MGM soon renamed it "The Girl From Missouri):

For a magazine more than three-quarters of a century old, it's in pretty good shape; its few defects include "a little bit of minor binding wear."

Bids for this begin at $24.99 (none have been made as of yet), with bidding closing at 3:28 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday. If this catches your fancy, or you're merely curious, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/HOLLWOOD-MAGAZINE-1934-SYLVIA-SIDNEY-JEAN-HARLOW-CAROLE-LOMBARD-GRETA-GARBO-/380387691714?pt=Magazines&hash=item5890df8cc2.

This week's header features Lombard in fur, an attractive pose from the otherwise lackluster "Fools For Scandal."

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