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Some questions about Carole...

Hello! I was a member of this community under my old account, but I recently re-joined Livejournal, and I need some help from my fellow Carole fans. Over the summer, I decided to put my film history degree to good use and write a book about Carole. I started research in June, and although I've made a good deal of progress, I still have a few questions that I haven't quite been able to get a handle on.

- First (and perhaps most importantly), does anyone know if there's an easily-accesible print of I Take This Woman floating around out there? I've read that the existing print is tied up in a lot of red tape, so I'm not holding out too much hope, but I thought I'd ask!

- While we're on the subject of Gary Cooper, can anyone shed some light on his relationship with Carole? I've read scraps of information from various sources that say the two were romantically involved, but I'm having trouble corroborating it with anything truly substantial. 

- One last question about Carole's romances: Can someone give me a balanced account of Carole's affair with Russ Columbo? He is proving to be the bane of my research thus far, and I've actually asked for help re: Lombard and Columbo under my old username. It continues to baffle me - it's the ultimate roadblock of my research! The problem is that people seem to write him off as either a trifling affair or The Only Man She Ever Loved, and I'm caught between the two extremes. Based on everything I've come across, it seems that she loved Columbo, albeit somewhat maternally, and was truly grief-stricken when he died. But I've also read that she never SERIOUSLY considered marrying him, and since I certainly don't want to overstate (or downplay) the importance of the Lombard-Columbo relationship, I'd appreciate a nice, unbiased account.

The best account I've found thus far is in Adela Rogers St. Johns's gorgeous piece about Carole that was written after her death, in which she states that "it was always plain that Russ loved Carole much more than she did him. That she knew of some dark shadow that hung over young Columbo...there can be no doubt. Perhaps it was the reason she was so tender with him, gave in to his wish never to be separated from her." That seems to allign with everything I've read about that relationship, but as of right now, it's (unfortunately) the only source I feel comfortable giving any significant weight to. 

And finally...

- Can anyone give me a bit more information about Carole's (supposed) miscarriage when she was trying to have a baby with Gable? All I've been able to make out is that MAYBE they were able to conceive; apparently she was elated and wanted to surprise him on their first anniversary, but then she miscarried due to too much physical exertion. Can anyone throw some more light on that?
Thanks in advance for any additional information you might be able to offer. This community is a godsend, truly!

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