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On the streets where she lived

For someone who lived slightly less than one-third of a century, Carole Lombard resided at more than a few addresses. So let's check them out (as best we can), using Google Earth's search. (Perhaps I've missed one or two along the way.)

We'll naturally begin with her birthplace in 1908 in Fort Wayne, Ind., on 704 Rockhill Street (the one on the right, with the flag):

It's located in an attractive Victorian neighborhood, and had been a bed and breakfast, but is currently not functioning in that capacity. (There is a plaque commemorating Carole on the front of the house, but it appears the tree is blocking the view.)

Soon after Jane Alice Peters turned six in the fall of 1914, she, her two older brothers and her mother headed west, eventually settling at 1435 South Hoover Street in the Alvarado Terrace section of Los Angeles:

As you can tell, the residences of that time on that block were long ago torn down.

By 1920, the Peters family had moved to 605 North Harvard Boulevard, where one of Jane's neighbors would be future film writer and director Delmer Daves:

It appears that house dates back to that time.

Later that decade, they moved again, this time to 138 North Wilton Place, an address we've noted before. This is probably where Lombard lived while working for Fox, recuperating from her 1926 automobile accident, and later acting for Mack Sennett and Pathe. (The house currently standing on the site was built in the early '50s.)

In 1931, Carole moved away from her family after marrying William Powell. The couple briefly resided at the Colonial House on 1416 North Havenhurst Drive, where Bette Davis would live in her final years:

Powell and Lombard then moved to Whitley Heights, specifically 6861 Iris Circle, which was most recently sold in 2009:

Following their amicable divorce in 1933, Lombard tried Beverly Hills life, renting a house at 619 North Rexford Drive. Alas, the house she resided in is no longer there; it was replaced by this mansion:

But Carole yearned for home ownership, and in the spring of 1934 found at what is likely her most famous solo residence, at 7953 Hollywood Boulevard (where she's seen inside at the top of this entry). Here, her parties became the stuff of legend:

By 1936, Clark Gable was a part of Lombard's life, and her home on a busy thoroughfare made it next to impossible for them to carry on their relationship. So she moved to Bel Air, 609 St. Cloud Road to be precise. It was a far more secluded site, though I'm not sure it was as secluded then as it is now (the house is somewhere behind the roses):

Her final address was 4525 Petit Avenue in Encino, a ranch she bought from director Raoul Walsh and made it a relaxed ranch for herself and Clark. The house is still there, somewhere, but the conversion of the acreage into luxury housing makes it difficult to find:

Lots of houses for Lombard to haunt:


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