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In the picture -- plenty of them

That luscious shot of Carole Lombard's largely bare back, Paramount portrait p1202-1335, is among 88 photos of her available from a Brooklyn seller on eBay. All of them sell straight up for $12.50 (they are all reprints; none are originals), or you can choose to make an offer.

While some of them are fairly common, there are quite a few Lombard collectors don't see very often, and here are several, beginning with this profile of her over a chair, p1202-1430:

Here's her other side profile (take that, Claudette Colbert!), p1202-1222:

P1202-1154 is unusual in that it emphasizes her chin and jaw...but it works:

This one's a Paramount, but earlier cropping doesn't allow us to see the p1202 number. But look at how expert lighting and angles create an otherworldly aura about her head:

Here's p1202-671, where Lombard reminds us that she could convey elegance better than virtually anyone in filmdom:

In contrast, p1202-678 almost defines offbeat -- but Carole pulls it off:

Lombard goes dramatic in p1202-843:

Carole took a few portraits in bangs, but this one, p1202-948, is new to me:

This one appears to be from RKO, and those may be Irene's sketches:

Finally, two portraits where Carole is at what looks to be a horizontal angle until you tilt the picture 90 degrees. First, p1202-65:

Then this one, where I can't make out the p1202 number:

There are plenty of other goodies, too. To view the first of three pages, go to http://stores.ebay.com/machinist-43stuff/Lombard-Carole-Lombard-/_i.html?rt=nc&_fsub=1711804011&_sid=723087901&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14.l1581&_pgn=1.

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