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Searching for the Holy Grail ....

Finding a photo of Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard together has been termed by Vince as finding a Holy Grail.

Well I found one of Jean Harlow and the Clark Gables together with Clark in his robe and slippers.  Both women are attending him.  


And it was taken by the publicity department of MGM.  Judging by Harlow's outfit and Clark being at home with Ria, it looks to be about 1934 or 1935.  Gable seems to be recovering from an illness.  Clark had a good relationship with Harlow without apparently ever being sexually intimate with her.   They had great  on screen chemistry.  Carole Lombard said Clark Gable referred to Jean as 'one of the guys.' So she was very different from her on screen presence.

Perhaps not quite the Holy Grail but the photo does have its own unique charm and interest. 

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