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Designing man, part 2: Travis Banton, Photoplay, May 1936

carole lombard photoplay may 1936a travis banton fashion 01 large

A white chiffon gown and a salmon pink negligee are modeled by Carole Lombard in the May 1936 issue of Photoplay. Both outfits were designed by Travis Banton, subject of a three-part series in the magazine, "Trials And Triumphs Of A Hollywood Dress Designer." Yesterday, we examined Banton's arrival at Paramount and the starters he knew in his early Hollywood years. Today -- from that May '36 issue -- we go to the late 1920s and the designer's reflections on actresses he'd worked with. Some were easy, some were difficult, some were simply volatile.

carole lombard photoplay may 1936 travis banton 00a larger
carole lombard photoplay may 1936 travis banton 01a larger
carole lombard photoplay may 1936 travis banton 02a larger
carole lombard photoplay may 1936 travis banton 03a larger

Nancy Carroll may have looked cherubic on screen, but off-screen, she was anything but -- a fashion headache. In contrast, while Clara Bow meant well, her boundless energy (not to mention a colossal Great Dane she would take to fittings) more often than not presented a challenge. Fortunately, Bebe Daniels -- good-natured, if often injury-prone -- and the now-forgotten Evelyn Brent more than compensated with their ease as fashion subjects. This installment also examines how Banton worked with two of the industry's most fashion-famed actresses, the late Lilyan Tashman and Kay Francis.

Where's Lombard, you ask? She's being saved for the concluding part three, alongside Claudette Colbert, Marlene Dietrich and even Mae West.

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