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Some things from eBay

The recent Carole Lombard blogathon, and a few other things, have prevented us from examining Lombard goodies now available via eBay, so we'll look at a few today -- starting with this vintage picture taken of Carole by Tom Kelley, a noted photographer who came into his own in the 1940s and is best known for his images of Marilyn Monroe (including the famous 1949 "calendar" nudes).

This is a vintage original 11" x 14"; It has some wear and minor scratches, and is listed in fair condition. If you want it, you'll pay a pretty penny -- 19,999 of them, in fact ($199.99). Think you want to buy it? Then go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/30s-Sexy-Carole-Lombard-VINTAGE-Oversize-11x14-PHOTO-Tom-Kelley-BA11-/400249479219?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d30ba6033.

Next up, ski-clad Carole and Robert Montgomery, from the final scene of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." It's a modern print, not an original, but if you're a fan of that movie (and many are), you likely won't care. The image measures 8.5" x 11", and can be bought for $7.99. Interested? Then go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-Richard-Montgomery-MOVIE-PHOTO-/120792887779?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item1c1fd131e3.

Finally, Lombard from "They Knew What They Wanted":

That's William Gargan with her, in a production still I'd never seen before (but with that unique RKO publicity office typewriter, with its unusual "e" and capital "A" standing for a small "a"). This is an original, 6.75" square, and you can buy it for $39.99 at http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-CHARLES-LAUGHTON-MOVIE-PHOTO-1940-8049-/140619976257?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item20bd9a8e41.

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