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Looking back: September 1932

As months go, September 1932 was relatively quiet for Carole Lombard. A check of Google News between Sept. 1 and 30 of that year yielded virtually nothing, but thankfully that wasn't true for the New York-based trade paper Film Daily.

On Sept. 2, it reported Lombard signed an agreement with Paramount to continue her contract there:

It came at a time when Carole was preparing for her first loanout, to Columbia for the drama "Virtue." The day before, her leading man had been announced:

On Sept. 12, Film Daily ran an odds-and-ends column, "A Little From 'Lots'":

The lead item was this, showing Columbia was already lining things up for Lombard's loanout number two:

Both movies were mentioned that day as part of a story on upcoming Columbia fare:

Believe or not, that's more or less all one could find on Lombard that month, as she probably was beginning the process of working on "Virtue," with "No More Orchids" on deck.


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