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Since Vince actually gets a vacation, let's all pitch in!

I'd like to know what about Missy Carole first intrigued you.  How did she manage to appear on your radar?  What keeps her there?

And since I would never ask a question I'd be unwilling to answer myself, here goes:

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, when I was about 14, I saw "Gone With the Wind" for the very first time.  Of course I was instantly smitten with dashing Rhett Butler -- and as is my modus operandi even now, I wanted to learn everything about this charismatic person who had portrayed him.  Read everything I could get my hands on.  But what intrigued me the most was that in practically everything ever written about Clark Gable, one name kept being mentioned along with his:  Carole Lombard. 

So, as befits the uncrowned Queen of the Bunny Chasers, I went in that direction too!  And what I learned was that this lady was well loved, well respected, keenly missed when she was gone.  And what I also learned, and found the most fascinating of all, was that no one had anything negative to say about her, ever.  She was funny, beautiful, bawdy, inventive, talented, generous, gracious, incredibly sexy, thoughtful, shrewd in matters of business, gentle in matters of the heart.  Of course, from time to time folks would be a bit perplexed about her rather graphic vocabulary.  And many years later I read that Marlene Dietrich had had a few disparaging things to say when Lombard was less than receptive to Marlene's lavender leanings in her direction...but then again, Marlene had lousy things to say about nearly everyone she encountered at one time or another!

My fascination with this marvelous Miss Lombard has continued unabated to this day.  I think she is one of the rare 1930s personalities who would be just as comfortable in today's world as she was in her own.  That, and everything else I've learned about her, have earned my undying admiration and respect.

What say you?

Carole S.

The Carole Lombard Archive

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