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Aiming to have her enter the Hall

A few years ago, fans helped get Carole Lombard's legs into the Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/116384.html). Now the goal is to get her entire body into another Hall.

It's the Silver Screen Hall of Fame (http://www.silverscreenhalloffame.com), which calls itself "a tribute site to the golden age of movies." Here's the lowdown:

Welcome to the Silver Screen Hall of Fame, an online hall of fame of classic movies and their stars. This is the only hall of fame decided by you the classic movie fan.

Inductions to the hall of fame will be held six times during the year, the current induction will be October 1, 2011. Voting ends at midnight September 30, 2011 (EST). There will be one inductee from each category on these dates, decided by your ballots. The categories are Actor, Actress, Film, Director and a Behind the Scenes Person.

Voting is absolutely free. We ask that everyone only vote once during the voting period. Due to this fact, we ask on the ballot form for your name and email address. This is only used for voting purposes, we do not sell your information.

On each ballot is a spot for three entrees in each category. We know it is hard to pick out one favorite. You do not have to use all three spots in each category.

If you are voting for a comedy team or group, please mark them down as actor or actress.

We hope you enjoy the Silver Screen Hall of Fame, your votes count. If your favorites do not get inducted, remember there is always the next induction period. Please share this site with all your classic movie fans.

It would be wonderful to have Lombard be the first actress to qualify for the Hall, but it may require a sustained campaign. At the very least, let's get Carole in sometime during the first year. Go to the site listed above and vote (but only vote once during the period, please).

It was your support that helped crown Carole queen of screwball comedy last week, so let's do it again. To borrow the title of a song she once sang on screen, I hear a call to arms:

Incidentally, I am going on vacation for a few days, and may not always have access to a computer. Since "Carole & Co." has gained renown in the blogosphere for providing a daily dose of Lombard (our last day without an entry was March 13, 2010), please help keep things going. Is there a story about Carole you think people should know about? Do you have Lombard memorabilia you would like to share online? Would you like to review one of her movies, perhaps providing an angle we don't think about? Then go for it! (Oh, and you bloggers planning to take part in the "Carole-tennial(+3)!" blogathon, look on this as a warmup; choose a different topic than you plan to use this October and place it here. It will be good practice.) You've always come through in the past, and I look forward to your contributions again.


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