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All hail Queen Carole!

That's Carole Lombard getting a flower from an admirer as she prepared to begin work on her film "The Princess Comes Across," but as it turns out, Carole has bigger fish to fry than merely being a princess -- and instead of a flower, she deserves to be handed a crown as a queen...of screwball comedy, that is.

In a poll, "Who is the queen of screwball comedy?" at the classic film blog "Waitin' On A Sunny Day" (http://sophie-waitinonasunnyday.blogspot.com/), Carole stomped the competition like a silk-stockinged Godzilla. She collected 26 votes, four more than her seven rivals combined. Second was Katharine Hepburn with six votes, while Jean Arthur and Irene Dunne collected four each, Rosalind Russell gained three, Myrna Loy and Barbara Stanwyck two each, and Claudette Colbert just one. (Incidentally, Colbert is today's honoree on "Summer Under The Stars," and a few of her comedies will be featured in the evening hours. Alas, "Midnight" is the only one of her '30s Paramount films being shown.)

Thanks to everyone who voted for Lombard, a lady who deserves regal treatment. After all, mere flowers can take royalty only so far.

I was wondering whether anyone could give Carole a crown, similar to the witch's hat she "received" for a Halloween avatar last year. As it turns out, Sophie did the coronation herself:


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