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Looking back: July 1932

"Sinners In The Sun" was making the rounds of theaters in July 1932, but what else was putting Carole Lombard in the newspapers that month? A variety of things...for instance, a dachshund (actually two). Louella Parsons reported the news for the Hearst chain, and its Rochester (N.Y.) Evening Journal printed her column on July 5:

Like her good pal Marion Davies, Carole loved dachshunds.

That same day, the Ellensburg Evening Record in Washington state showed Lombard as part of a photo spread on stars' clothes:

Carole's in good company, alongside Dorothy Compton, Anita Page (whose career was skidding by mid-1932) and the ever-chic Lilyan Tashman.

From Ellensburg we head north of the 49th parallel, specifically the Vancouver Sunday Sun, for this tidbit that ran on July 9:

Let's see...Lombard worked at Paramount, on Melrose Avenue...Powell, a one-time Paramount player, now toiled at Warner Brothers in Burbank (by 1932, Warners had cut back on feature production at its Sunset Boulevard studios)...so the Brpwn Derby (we presume the one on Vine Street in Hollywood) would be a good choice. (It played a significant role in Carole's life, although it's generally associated with her second husband.)

Lombard's back in Louella's column on July 29. Another of her favorite haunts is cited, and that second husband also finds his name in print:

I'm sure those fraternity boys had a lot to talk about on their respective campuses that fall.

To close, here's Harrison Carroll's syndicated column from July 31 (this ran in the Lewiston Morning Tribune in Idaho), where he ties Lombard to an upcoming Paramount extravaganza:

Carole apparently did some shooting for a segment of "If I Had A Million" (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/26161.html), working with Sylvia Sidney and Fredric March, but it was never completed and not used in the film.

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