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Get ready for the Carole-tennial(+3) blogathon!

Posted by vp19 on 2011.07.18 at 01:23


(Anonymous) at 2011-09-11 20:06 (UTC) (Link)

1927 Fairfax Annual

Hey Folks, forgive my lack of knowledge on these boards, I hope I'm not jumpin in outta place.

I just got the 1927 Fairfax annual - the high school Jane Alice Peters was said to graduate from, however I cannot find her in there, not the ceremony program. I was hoping maybe there was just some other name I don't know of she might be under? Some of the uncredited photos she might be in, however they are very small. She had already been in 11? films by the year she was said to graduate, so I'm not sure she had much time for school. It would be a great find if she is in here though.

Any tips? Please advise!
vp19 at 2011-09-12 02:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: 1927 Fairfax Annual

From what I know, she left Fairfax sometime in early 1925, and by 1927 probably had few ties to the school other than knowing several classmates. Also, keep in mind she was recovering from the 1926 automobile accident.

Great find, though. It might provide some feel for what the school was like when she did attend.
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