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Get ready for the Carole-tennial(+3) blogathon!

We have some big news to report for Carole Lombard fans, bigger than the premature end of that mountain-turned-molehill called "Carmageddon." (I trust Los Angelenos enjoyed using mass transit. Ride it more often, will you?) The big news is this: "Carole & Co." is planning its first-ever blogathon!

We're calling it the "Carole-tennial(+3)" in honor of the 103rd anniversary of Lombard's birth Oct. 6. This year, that date falls on a Thursday, so to give everyone an opportunity to contribute, the blogathon will run from Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 9.

What's there to blog? Virtually anything related to Carole, her life or career. Want to examine one of her movies in detail? Fine. Is there something related to her life that you'd wish to write about? Go for it. Or perhaps you have a blog that focuses on a particular star or director; if so, discuss Lombard's interaction with (or influence on) said person. That's the angle I've taken when participating in others' blogathons, such as the one for Jean Harlow's centenary earlier this year (or the one for Lucille Ball's centenary coming up next month). I've also taken part in blogathons on Alfred Hitchcock and films of 1939.

If you wish to participate -- and I hope you will, these things are great fun -- here are some ground rules: Drop me a line at vp19@livejournal.com and tell me what you want to write about and which day you wish to write it. (We would like to have a reasonably even flow of entries over the four-day period.) If for some reason you come up with an idea for an entry someone already has claimed, perhaps we can find a way to either change it slightly or come up with an alternative that's equally acceptable. Remember, you've got nearly three months to think of something.

To help spread the word about "Carole-tennial(+3)" (and promote what I hope will be your participation in it), here are five banners I've created in honor of the occasion:

We eagerly await your participation in the "Carole-tennial(+3)," as we collectively honor one of classic Hollywood's best-loved stars.

This week's header shows Lombard early in her Pathe career (it's CL-18), probably nearing the end of teenhood, in a photo that almost certainly was taken by the studio's William E. Thomas.

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