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Husband #1 beats husband #2

Sometimes, life imitates art...to an extent. Here's what I mean.

Just as in "Manhattan Melodrama," William Powell got the best of Clark Gable. Carole Lombard's first husband edged Lombard's second, 30-26, in the finals of the silents-1930s era division of the classic actor tournament at the "All Good Things" blog (http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com/). Powell was sixth-seeded, whereas Gable was top seed, so this can be construed sort of an upset.

Powell advances to face the winners of the other three brackets; the first of those three, the 1940s era, has just started. Use the link above to see the matchups and vote.

But while Powell did defeat his MGM stablemate and friend in real life, at least here he didn't have to send Gable to the electric chair.


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