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Looking back: May 1932

This month's review of Carole Lombard items in the news from 79 years ago begins with an amusing anecdote regarding "Sinners In The Sun," reported in the Milwaukee Sentinel on May 6, 1932:

"When Carole Lombard and Chester Morris were filming location sequences for 'Sinners In The Sun,' two wild mallard ducks flew into the scene. The ducks refused to leave, despite efforts of employes to chase them away, and the director found it necessary to use them in the scene and record their quacks!"

Maybe the mallards were looking for the "Horse Feathers" set (remember the ducks' appearance when Groucho Marx sings "Everyone Says I Love You" to "college widow" Thelma Todd?) and settled for this film instead.

Later that month, "Sinners In The Sun" premiered at the Liberty in Spokane, Wash., and on May 18, here's part of what the Spokesman-Review wrote about it:

"Miss Lombard is svelte and stunning in her lavish wardrobe, but Morris would be better if he wasn't quite so resolute. Some opening scenes of Miss Lombard's quarreling family are quite overdone, but amusing, but the picture's chief merit lies in its style shows."

On May 27, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, through its Hollywood columnist and former actress Eileen Percy, said Lombard and her husband were taking up a new activity:

"Bill Powell has discarded his tennis rackets for a set of golf clubs. No, Bill has not grown too old for the game of forty-love, but his wife, Carole Lombard, has been advised by her physician to take up golf instead of the more strenuous form of exercise. So now Mr. and Mrs. Powell are being taught the more gentle art of the drive and putt."

How long did that last? Well, I've never seen a photo of Lombard playing golf, but plenty of her once she returned to this:


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