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Marriage and movies can't mix

Oh, those happy loving couples, such as Carole Lombard and William Powell in 1931. So sure their marriage was eternal, so sure their romantic voyage would sail smoothly. By their second anniversary, that voyage had hit the rocks, and not long afterwards, they split -- albeit absent of acrimony.

More than half a year following their divorce, in the May 1934 issue of Movie Story, Carole sat down with writer Sonia Lee and spoke her mind about why such marriages of celebrities are invariably doomed to failure. (OK, Lee likely paraphrased Lombard somewhat -- I doubt most of these are direct quotes -- but they probably are indicative of her feelings at the time.)

Intriguing reading, and just another sample from the colossal collection of Carole clippings that my friend Tally Haugen recently received and was generous enough to scan for me. Take a look:

Near the end, Carole says (or at least Lee has her say): "Some day, I suppose, I shall marry again, because no woman can determine her emotions." And as fate would have it, on the front page of this article was a photo of Lombard in a love scene with Clark Gable, nearly two years before they became "an item" and close to half a decade before they would exchange vows.

(This issue also has a story on Carole's new Hollywood Boulevard residence, described as "a home that could be a background for only a blonde." Hope it's stashed somewhere in Tally's box.)

Finally, in memory of Jackie Cooper, who just passed away at age 88, here he is with Lombard on the Paramount lot from 1933, as Carole gives him a push in his go-cart "race" with Groucho and Harpo Marx:


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