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carole lombard 03

For 24 hours this August, Carole's star will shine

Posted by vp19 on 2011.04.27 at 06:25
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What will Aug. 28, 2011 have in common with Aug. 17, 2006? A concentrated mega-dose of Carole Lombard while enjoying summer, that's what.

Turner Classic Movies' August U.S. schedule has been released, and for the second time since its "Summer Under The Stars" concept began in 2003, Lombard is being honored with a 24-hour marathon. Moreover, because Aug. 28 is a Sunday, many people can have company with Carole all day long. (It also means we'll hear about Lombard from both Ben Mankiewicz, in the afternoon, and Robert Osborne, in prime time.)

Here's the schedule (all times Eastern):

6 a.m. -- "Brief Moment" (1933)
7:15 a.m. -- "No More Orchids" (1932)
8:30 a.m. -- "The Gay Bride" (1934)
10 a.m. -- "Fools For Scandal" (1938)
11:30 a.m. -- "Lady By Choice" (1934)
1 p.m. -- "Virtue" (1932)
2:30 p.m. -- "In Name Only" (1939)
4:30 p.m. -- "Twentieth Century" (1934)
6:15 p.m. -- "To Be Or Not To Be" (1942)
8 p.m. -- "My Man Godfrey" (1936)
10 p.m. -- "Hands Across The Table" (1935)
11:30 p.m. -- "Nothing Sacred" (1937)
1 a.m. -- "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (1941)
3 a.m. -- "Vigil In The Night" (1940)
4:45 a.m. -- "The Racketeer" (1929)

If there's a disappointment, it's a comparatively minor one -- that no TCM channel premieres are among its 15-film scheduled fare. It would have been nice to see a few of her more obscure Paramount vehicles, such as "Bolero," "Rumba" or "No One Man," in lieu of mediocrities such as "Fools For Scandal" or "The Racketeer" that TCM has shown several times before. Nevertheless, it's plenty of Lombard, and it's good to see "Hands Across The Table" (shown in a still above), arguably the best film Carole ever made at Paramount but one that receives comparatively little attention, get a prime-time airing. (One also hopes that TCM will follow what it did during the 2006 SUTS and show the rare European ending to "Vigil In The Night," in which the characters react to Great Britain going to war with Germany in September 1939.)

As for the rest of the SUTS schedule, here it is, and it features some surprises:

1. Marlon Brando
2. Paulette Goddard
3. Bette Davis
4. Ronald Colman
5. John Garfield
6. Lucille Ball
7. Ralph Bellamy
8. Orson Welles
9. Ann Dvorak
10. Shirley MacLaine
11. Ben Johnson
12. Claudette Colbert
13. James Stewart
14. Charles Laughton
15. Lon Chaney
16. Joanne Woodward
17. Humphrey Bogart
18. Jean Gabin
19. Debbie Reynolds
20. Montgomery Clift
21. Cary Grant
22. Joan Crawford
23. Conrad Veidt
24. Joan Blondell
25. Burt Lancaster
26. Peter Lawford
27. Linda Darnell
28. Carole Lombard
29. Anne Francis
30. Howard Keel
31. Marlene Dietrich

Several of the "usual suspects" for SUTS -- Davis, Stewart, Grant, Crawford ("What, no Katharine Hepburn this year?" he said sarcastically) -- but many on this year's roster either have never been SUTS selections or, like Lombard, haven't received the honor in some time. Pre-Code devotees will be delighted to see days devoted to Dvorak and Blondell, while Gabin and Veidt may well be this year's equivalent to what Thelma Todd was in 2010...stars unfamiliar to casual fans, but actors who played a key role in cinematic history. (As part of Veidt's schedule, TCM is showing the classic 1919 German expressionist film "The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari.") Fans of silents will thrill to the great Lon Chaney (several Ronald Colman silents will be shown on his day). And it's wonderful to see Ralph Bellamy get his own day, highlighted not only as the perennially unlucky second lead but for his splendid turn as Franklin D. Roosevelt in "Sunrise At Campobello." (Dietrich's day, closing out SUTS, features four of her films with Josef von Sternberg, as well as "Rancho Notorious" and "A Foreign Affair.") For the month's schedule, go to http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=est&sdate=2011-08-01.

In coming weeks, TCM will unveil its artwork to accompany the 2011 SUTS campaign, and if tradition is indicative, it will be distinctive. (Oh, and if you're going to the second annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, which runs tomorrow through Sunday, make sure to thank channel officials for including Carole on this year's SUTS roster.)


lastgoddess.blogspot.com at 2011-04-27 19:18 (UTC) (Link)

Thanks for reporting this!

Lombard's day falls on a Sunday, so that makes it easier to catch her films. By the way, seeing Linda Darnell's name on this list surprises me. She wasn't respected in her time, but I thought she photographed beautifully. I hope to see her films as well.
vp19 at 2011-04-27 19:27 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Thanks for reporting this!

Darnell is also a surprise insomuch as many of her prime movies were made at Fox, and thus you would think they would be restricted to Fox Movie Channel. Apparently Fox officials have been amenable to TCM leasing rights to some of their films of late, which is good news. (In that vein, it would be nice for TCM to acquire the rights to Lombard's lone Fox talkie, 1930's "The Arizona Kid"; it is also her lone sound western, and she plays a villainess to boot.)
haley73 at 2011-04-27 19:33 (UTC) (Link)


Hi, Thank you for your lovely site.
I live in the UK and we have Turner Classic Movies but our version has slowly gone downhill over the last year or so. They barely show any classic movies anymore. It's now a mixture of tv shows e.g. Rome and Deadwood is showing tonight and during the day would you believe Rawhide, Bonanza and North and South! The films that they have shown recently include Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2 and this Friday night it's National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 - not exactly film classics!

Sorry for the whine but you are so lucky! will have to complain about the so called TCM channel here soon as it's now beyond a joke!

Kind Regards
Roberta (Long time CL fan and film lover)
chrissytng at 2011-04-28 00:38 (UTC) (Link)
YES YES YES!!! So I have been without cable since last fall and I will say that I TCM is the ONLY thing that I've missed about it (I use to gloriously have a dvr and would record TCM then transfer my favorite films and especially pre-codes to dvd-r). For years I've wanted them to do a SUTS for Dvorak and Blondell. And of course in the case of Carole (whom I'm having a love affair with again this month, because I so happily came across the Glamor Collection dvd set at a used bookstore) I'm most eager to see hers too. I have mainly seen her screwball comedies of the late 30s and early 40s, so I'd love to see some of her earlier work, especially The Racketeer.

I'm now determined to somehow get my cable back if only for August this summer, lol!!
jnpickens.wordpress.com at 2011-04-28 04:24 (UTC) (Link)


Thanks so much for posting the Summer Under the Stars schedule! I'm really excited for the month because that is one great line up of stars.

There are only a couple that I looked at and though "Eh" but I'm so excited about Carole, Claudette, Paulette and Linda.

Since Linda was with Fox you hardly ever see her pictures so I'm so happy we get the chance!

This schedule is a GREAT improvement over last year's Summer Under the Stars.
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